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A Dutch digital nomad with a passion for adventure

Hey there Nomads!

“Hey my name is Daan, I am a 23 year old traveller and full time Digital Nomad. I have been travelling the world for the last 3 years and fell in love with this nomadic way of life”

Before I started my adventure I was a graphic design student in Rotterdam. During this time I earned my money as online marketeer which I later spend all on travel adventures. I enjoy being a Digital Nomad and the freedom that comes with it.

Because I had so much fun doing what I loved, and I believe everyone can do the same, I want to share my knowledge on this subject with the world. This blog is here to teach you about online income and travelling the world while you are at it.

I believe that helping others is the greatest way of success. A small thing for one might mean a lot for the other. So if there is anything I can help with,

Write me!

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Writer of Digital Nomad 101

Digital Nomad 101 is a project I have been working on for the last couple of months. It is an online Ebook where I teach you how to reach financial freedom. This is my personal way of achieving goals and I believe no other book will teach you success in this way.

If you dream about travelling the world and earning a stable income at the same time than this is the right book for you! There are a lot of ways you can earn money online and this book covers the best and most accessible of them all!

A lot of time went into writing this book and I truely believe this will be the only investment you will ever need to launch your online career. If you want to know more about Digital Nomad 101.