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the best hiking watches under $100

Durability, comfort, and precision. Those are the aspects you want to look for in a hiking watch. Did you ever wonder if it’s possible to find a cheap hiking watch under $100 dollar? One that is made for survival and does not break after a month of wearing it?

Good news, you can find some great hiking watches under $100 dollars! Some of them even come with features like GPS and a compass. I will give you a list of the highest quality watches you can trust on while camping, trekking or on a regular day hike.

Is buying a hiking watch under $100 worth it?

Technology is improving every day and we can also see that back in modern hiking watches. They get cheaper and have a lot more features than they used to.

In the category, “cheap hiking watches under $100” the quality in the last few years went up a lot. Now is a great time to find a good hiking watch for a pretty price.

When should you spend more money on a watch?

When is it worth to spend more money on a hiking watch and do you actually need to? If you are serious about survival or long trekking you want to rely on a watch for %100.

If you are an expert, you will probably want to look to invest in an expensive high-end survival watch.

These are the best cheap hiking watches

However, if you are looking for a watch for everyday wear, hiking or camping I put together this list with great watches under $100:

1. UWear hiking watch

Wearing the UWear hiking watch under $100

The UWear has the best features of all watches under 100$ on this list. The watch is water resistant until 100M (10atm). This makes it perfect to go trekking or hiking in wet conditions. This watch almost seems to be made for swimming, and so good that it is basically good for any watersport.

Battery life of the UWear

The biggest disadvantage of hiking watches is that they don’t have powerful battery life. The Uwear, on the other hand, has a battery life of up to 45 days! It comes with an easy charger where you click the watch on to charge it. This is different from some of the other watches on this list.

Navigation and GPS

The UWear has 3 different navigation systems built into the watch: GPS, GLONASS, and BDS. I found the watch’s navigation to be really accurate and a great overall performer even if this is a watch under $100.

Safety features included

The watch has 2 great emergency options: An SOS function that will notice all your contacts if you are in danger, and a location sharing option. If you use it as a survival watch you can use it in case of an emergency.

Other features of the UWear

The watch has a: compass, barometer, and altimeter. UWear is also equipped with other handy features if you are more into multi-day trekking or long distance hiking including hygrometer and thermometer.


A well-built hiking watch that has all the features you need and more. This relatively cheap hiking watch is very smart and durable. If you like modern technology and the latest features, this is the best hiking watch under $100 for you!

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2. EZON H001 hiking watch

EZON best hiking watch

The EZON H001 is a simpler yet more robust watch that is built to last a long time. It is a slightly cheaper hiking watch as the UWear and has more basic features. Because of this, the battery life is much better and a battery for this watch will last you about 15 months.

Features of the EZON

Although this watch has no GPS there are a lot of features that are really handy when you’re trekking or on a hike. Some of the key features it has are  Altimeter, Barometer, weather forecast, Compass, and a Thermometer.

The EZON waterproof rating

This hiking watch has a waterproof rating of 5ATM which is equal to about 50 meters. This also makes it a great watch for swimming and hiking in wet weather.


For the price tag of this watch well under $100, this is a great option if you don’t need the latest technology. This watch is comfortable and ideal for trekking and long hikes because of it’s long battery life.

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3. Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRG-270-1

Pro trek casio Best hiking watches

It is not always about what a watch can do. Sometimes you just want a hiking watch that can last you forever. When I saw the Casio Pro-trek I was surprised by the price. For just a little over $100, you get an absolute timeless watch with great features.

About the pro trek

If you ever owned a Casio hiking watch you know that their quality is top notch. The Pro Trek PRG-270-1 is absolutely no exception to this. The pro trek is from 2013 but the design is in my opinion timeless (hehe).

Battery life of the pro trek

This watch is rechargeable and has a solar sensor. That means your watch is charging itself while you wear it on a hike. If you give this watch a full charge and don’t bring it in the sun it will still last you for about 9 months!

Waterproof rating of the pro trek

Watches from Casio are well known for giving great resistance against water. This one can go to 100m which like all other watches on this list, makes it a great option for swimming and hiking.

Other features

Even though this might be the watch with the least “smart” functions it still comes with some great options. The pro trek is Low-Temperature Resistant (-10 C / 14 F) and has an Altimeter, Digital Compass, Barometer, and Thermometer.


This is a watch that is made to be used and is built to last you a long time. For the price of around $100, this is, in my opinion, the best hiking watch you can buy for your money.

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