Ultralight 3F Lanshan 2 pro review

Are you in the market for a new UL tent and you don’t want to spend a large sum of money? The Lanshan 2 pro tent can be a great option for you! The tent is produced by Chinese manufacturer: 3F. Also the weight / cost balance for this UL budget tent is not even that bad!

3F Lanshan 2 pro materials and build quality

The lanshan 2 pro outer tent is made with a light weight 20 denier ripstop nylon and has a water resistance rating of 2000mm. The ground sheet of the Lanshan pro is made of a 50 Denier ripstop nylon and has a water column rating of: 5000mm.

It’s unfortunate that they used a ripstop nylon for this UL tent instead of polyester. As a result the tent will sag after you first set it up and will need retensioning, especially when it rains. This can be annoying when you have to get out of bed in the middle of the night.

We found that the build quality of the Lanshan 2 pro is pretty decent. However, since the tents are manufactured in China and there is no real quality control, this means that quality may vary per tent. In general the stitching and materials of the tent look strong and trustworthy especially for the price you pay.

Lanshan 2 pro weight

The base weight of the Lanshan 2 pro is 915 grams. This is the weight of the 3 season tent, the 4 season will be slightly heavier. We really like the packing size of the tent, it will easily fit in something like a 40-50 liter backpack.

Total packed size

Lanshan 2 pro dimensions

Will the Lanshan 2 pro handle bad weather?

3F sells two different versions of the Lanshan 2 pro. One is for winter and the other is 3 season. The main difference is that the winter version of this tent does not have as much mesh as the 3 season does. However, we find that this tent is not suitable for 4 seasons at al just like almost every trekking pole UL tent.

Apart from the Lanshan 2 pro not being suitable for winter camping it definitely does a great job at standing strong against some bad winds. We have tested this tent in the Alps with some strong gusts and unless other trekking pole tents the lanshan stood its ground.

Is the 3F Lanshan 2 pro worth the money?

Money is a great factor for a lot of thru hikers and saving money on a tent maybe sounds great! However, buying a ul tent on a budget can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

We personally recommend the 3F Lanshan 2 pro for the price. It is so cheap that you almost can not go wrong with this tent. If you go on a long hike where you have to trust on your tent we would spend the extra money and buy a proper UL tent.

SpecsWe likeWe dislike
Build quality

Where to buy the Lanshan 2 pro

If you decide to buy the Lanshan 2 pro we recommend this seller on Aliexpress.com:

Lanshan 2 vs Lanshan 2 pro

As you might have noticed Lanshan 2 pro also has a little brother. The lanshan 2 is also a great lightweight trekking pole tent. They look identical, however, the lanshan 2 pro has a lot of improvements since the regular lanshan 2.

The biggest and most noticeable improvement is the weight-saving. The Lanshan 2 has a base weight of 1125 gr where as the Lanshan 2 pro weights around 915 gr.

Also in the pro version of this tent they made some improvements in the sewing and materials they used. Therefore we definitely recommend buying the lanshan 2 pro over the lanshan 2.

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