Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo review

We absolutely love the Six moons design Lunar Duo Explorer backpacking tent! It’s designed for thru hikers, mountaineers and just about any other outdoor sport enthousiast you can think of.

Six Moon Designs is known for their award winning Lunar Solo a great UL trekking pole tent that ticks all the boxes. In this review we will take a look at its 2 person equivalent: the Lunar Duo Explorer and tell you why this might be the best budget UL backpacking tent on the market today!

Lunar duo explorer materials and build quality

This tent is made with a 30D Silicone Coated Nylon and has an watercolumn rating of 3000mm. 30D silicone Nylon is also used for the floor of the tent.

We found that the build quality of the Six moons design Lunar Duo is great! Even though they outsource their production to china, we see there is some great quality control. Even if you happen to get a faulty tent they will happily replace it for free within the warranty period.

Overall the sewing of the tents is amazing. Our Lunar Duo survived some pretty bad storms here in the alps and nothing has failed on it yet.

Weight of the Lunar duo explorer tent

With a weight of 45 oz – 1.27 kg the Lunar duo explorer may not be the lightest 2 person UL tent out there. However, in this price segment we found it has the best price to weight ratio.

The little foldable bar in both peaks is the only thing we don’t like about this design. Its great for some extra space but if weight saving is your main concern. We found you are better of leaving them at home and use the tent without them.

The packable size of the Lunar duo

Packing size for this 2 person tent is awesome! It packs down very small and you don’t have to worry about stuffing it like you would have to do with a similar Dyneema tent.

Pro’s and Con’s of this tent – Is it worth the money?

Given all the things we said its clear that the Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo explorer is an amazing UL 2 person trekking pole tent! Here is a final overview of all the things we like and dislike about this tent.

SpecsWe likeWe dislike
Build quality
Water resistance
Color variety

This tent is 100% worth the money and it will give you a great time in the outdoors.

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