DIY Ultralight Backpack pattern and tutorial

While preparing for the TMB I noticed how expensive and hard it is to buy a ultralight backpack. I decided to take take a different approach and create my own DIY ultralight backpack plans. This backpack is straightforward and fairly simple to make. It’s a great project for beginners and perfect if you are new in the world of MYOG!

After finishing the backpack I took it on the Tour du Mont Blanc. It survived and I absolutely loved all the features of it. This is the reason I’m now proudly sharing the pattern for this awesome ultralight backpack.

Fabrics you will need to make this UL backpack

I ordered my fabrics from and If you are in the US and you want to shop domestic I suggest

These are the fabrics that you will need to make two – three backpacks:

  • 2 Meter xpac VX07 or VX20
  • 1 Meter 200D Dyneema
  • 1 Meter Dyneema stretch
  • 1 Meter lycra stretch
  • 1 Meter 500D Cordura
  • 2 Meter webbing (15mm)
  • 4 Meter webbing (20mm)
  • 1 Meter Elastic cord
  • Elastic binding
  • Regular binding
  • 6 Rivets to close the top of the backpack
  • Plastic hardware
  • Sewing threat and needles (Güter mara 70 and nr. 90 needles)

The total cost of the fabrics for the backpack will be about €100 per piece.

Download, print and trace the ultralight backpack plans

A small preview of what the pattern will look like
A small preview of what the pattern will look like (scaled)

Download the Printable Pattern and Tutorial for this DIY Ultralight backpack for €15,00

What I did for my project is print the pattern full size on a4’s. After that I paste them together and cut them out. Now you can easily trace the backpack pattern onto your fabrics. To trace the pattern I used a wet chalk marker (the one they use for signs).

Once you cut out all the fabrics its time to sew your ultralight pack together! 🙂

Large bottom pocket for easy access during hiking