Best digital nomad jobs

The best Digital Nomad jobs in 2021

Travel the world and earn money online, the dream of every digital nomad. It may be a wish now, but you too can make a living with an online income!

In this post, I will tell you where to find digital nomad jobs, what the top paying jobs are for travelers and how to start working online as a beginner.

Top jobs for digital nomads

If you want to start to work on the internet and travel the world you first need some skills. Maybe you worked as an accountant, designer or copywriter before and can use these talents in your online adventure.

Here is a list of some of the best digital nomad jobs for beginners and for more experienced professionals:

1. Work as online Graphic Designer

Working online as a graphic designer is super easy and most digital nomads I met are working in this sector.

To start your online career in graphic design you need some skills though. There are a lot of talented graphic designers in the world and it can be hard to separate yourself from the competition.

A good start as a graphic designer online is on or, these are online platforms where people post their jobs and you can apply to them.

If you developed some skills in this job you could also think about starting your own business. Starting an online business can be hard in the beginning but really worth it in the long run!

2. Copywriting for Digital Nomads

One of the easiest online jobs might be Copywriting. Of course, it’s still the easiest if you have some experience but I believe that this is the best job for starting digital nomads.

To launch your copywriting career you need a good sense of storytelling and a very correct spelling level.

A smart way to separate yourself from the competition is to write in a different language. English is also fine but there is less competition in other languages.

3. Online accountant jobs

If you are a passionate accountant there is an online market for you too! There are a lot of digital nomad jobs for accountants and they are not hard to find at all.

You can become a private accountant or manage finances in a company abroad. is an online platform for online freelancers and is great to find people to work with.

4. Online Translator or Proofreader

The most sought after jobs online are translator and proofreader. This is a perfect job for digital nomads that speak 2 or more languages or have a talent for grammar and spelling.

Register an account on or and post a job as a translator. Do this for all languages you speak and you will see requests in no-time!

5. Online language teacher

A very popular digital nomad job for beginners is online teaching. It’s a fantastic way to connect with people and earn online money at the same time!

To start as an online English teacher you will have a more relaxed time if you do the TOEFL test. The certificate shows that you are a certified teacher and this will give your customers as a result. More info about the TOEFL test you can find here on their website.

There are 2 ways to become an online language teacher. One is to register on sites like or and find students there.

Another way is to start your own local company in the place you are visiting. You can design and print flyers, stick them in local restaurants and hostels and see if people are interested.

Interested in learning a new language while travelling? Read more here

6. Bonus: Earn money with a travel blog

I became a digital nomad because I started blogging about this subject. Blogging is by far the best paid digital nomad job you can find.

But before you start and think that this is the way to go, I have to warn you that it takes time.

Note: Read here my tips on starting your travel blog

Where to find jobs for Digital Nomads

A question I get asked a lot is where do you find jobs for digital nomads. The answer is not that hard it’s more a matter of effort you put into your search.

In the above section I already covered some of the ways you can find customers for your online business and here is a list of sites where you can start your Digital Nomad adventure:


Definitely, the easiest way to earn money online is It’s an online platform where people post jobs or their profile and link with each other.

Fiverr is free to use however for every job you do you pay a commission to them for using the site. Visit


A platform that works kind of the same as the others on this list except its more pointed towards long term projects. This is great if you are traveling for a long time and want to earn a steady online income.

I like this site a lot because you will find more high quality offers on the opposite of the others where it is a lot of low-quality job postings.

Upwork is a perfect site for starting Digital Nomads. On this site, you bid against other people in your sector on jobs.

If your goal is to find a lot of work in a short period of time than Upwork is your place to be! There are a lot of job listings in different sectors on this site.

While working online it’s important to protect your privacy! Protect yourself online!

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