How to choose the right blog name

How to come up with a blog name

How to come up with a blog name? This can be a tricky question. Especially finding a name that you love and will keep loving for a long time is not easy.

Than there is the fact that almost all the ‘best’ blog names are already taken.

In this post, I will show you some unique ways to find awesome, catchy blog names!

Before you choose a blog name

Before you go all in on your just discovered blog name make sure the URL is available! If the .com domain of your blog is not available it’s probably better to keep looking for another name.

Why a blog name is important

A good name has a story. There is not really a secret sauce for the right name. What I personally always like about names is when they have a story or when a word is used in a fun way.

When your brand name has a story you will be less likely getting tired of it. And

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How to come up with a blog name

Ok so you get the idea of finding a blog name, now let’s actually find one. Here I share my (maybe bit weird) process of finding blog names.

Use related words

To come up with the name Frondend (now Techfrond) I used my personal technique I call Childhoodscramble. For this method, you think of something you like or used to like a lot, for example: “Dinosaur”. Now go to Related words and type in your subject.

I used the word dinosaur and when the results came up I instantly noticed the word: “Turtle”. So I will now use this word to continue my search for the perfect blog name.

After you found some words you really like, try to mix them with words that are commonly used in your niche.

In my case that would be travel related words. For example, I could try combining backpack and turtle and end up with play a bit with this and you will find a really unique blog name in no-time!

Use popular keywords

Keywords in your URL used to be a big deal for SEO and Google loved it. Nowadays it’s not relevant to your rankings anymore but it’s still a great way to come up with beautiful blog names.

Go to and type in words related to your blog niche. In my case, I typed in “travel”. When you scroll all the way down you will find related searches from google.

Look what other bloggers are doing

Are you a fashion blogger, or do you prefer writing about food? There are plenty of examples in every niche!

This does not mean you should copy the name from someone else but instead look clues. If someone in your niche has the name “Green fashion”, you can think of something like color clothes.

Use a blog name generator

Although this is my least favorite option you can still get some really unique names for your blog this way. There are a lot of online blog name generators to choose from.

Using a name generator is pretty easy. Just type in the keywords that are related to your niche and the generator will do all the work for you.

If you are not satisfied with the first results, try again. And please don’t settle on a name in 1 hour, sleep a night over it!

Here is a list of popular blog name generators you can use for free:

Use your own name

Why make things complicated if you could use your own name as a brand! A lot of companies do this and have met great success with it. I’m sure you can think of some.

The cool thing about using your own name is that the domain will most likely be available to buy.

You could also use your initials as a blog name idea. In my case, it could be something like “DL food blog” or “Liberta travel”.

Brainstorm blog names with friends

Finding the right blog name sometimes needs a little assist from family or friends. They could bring fresh ideas to the table and change your point of view when picking the right name.

This does not mean that you have to use the names they come up with but sometimes just brainstorming with someone else already helps in your search.

If the people around you don’t know anything about the niche you are trying to find a name in you can also ask for advice online. Search up one of the forums that covers topics around your niche and build a network there.

Test your blog name

Once you settled on your favorite blog name you can check if it works by testing it. You can test your name by asking friends or family what they think of it.

If people like it they will probably remember it as well. Test this too by asking them if they can recall your name after a week or so.

Stick with your blog name

It is important that you take the time when you are deciding on the right blog name. In the end, you have to like it and you will be using it a lot.

Another important reason that you should not change your blog name is that you will have to change your URL. This will affect your SEO and website rankings.

Free blog name examples

Here are some examples of blog names that I really like:

Travel blog name examples

This is a list of travel blog names I really like

  • Travelfish
  • Dan flying solo
  • Nomadic Mad
  • Legal Nomads
  • No vacation required
  • Alex in Wanderland

Food blog name examples

This are some of my favorite food blog exampels:

  • Budget bytes
  • Gimme some over
  • Love and Lemons
  • Oh my veggies
  • How sweet eats
  • Delicieux
  • Our best bites
  • EatMee

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Bonus: How I came up with this blog name

First I had a web design and development website called: Frondend. That is where I based the name Techfrond on. The other name made more sense since a term in development is frontend, change one letter and ta-da!

Since I was a kid I always had an obsession with palm trees. That’s where the frond part comes from. Now that you know my story let’s find your perfect blog name!

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