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How to get traffic to your blog for free!

How to get traffic to your blog for free? A question I get asked a lot. And for good reason.

The blogging industry is becoming more and more competitive. So getting free organic traffic is a bit of a battle.

Patience is key for ranking high in Google. But I will do my best to give you the most detailed guide on how to get more traffic to your blog for free!

Why SEO is important

The best way to get free traffic to your blog is without a doubt SEO (search engine optimisation). When your website is on the first page of Google you will get free organic traffic.

Getting on the first page of Google, however, can be a bit of a pain. You just have to remember that it’s never too late and eventually your blog WILL rank in search engines.

To get in the top SERPs (search engine result pages) of Google and other search engines you need to take the following steps:

Don’t focus too much on keywords

You probably heard this one before: “Google is your friend”. It is true and you should talk to them like that too! With modern SEO you should forget about keywords and focus on your content quality instead. Google gets smarter every day and only wants the best for their users.

Even Google knows they are your friend…

Google used to rank based on your keywords but now they really don’t do that anymore. Of course, you should still keep in mind to write your content in the right direction but stuffing your blog with keywords is definitely a thing of the past!

Instead, create content that flows naturally. Use keywords ONLY to specify the subject you are writing your post about.

Create high quality content

Nowadays search engines value your content more than ever, the best content always wins the SEO battle. This is why instead of focussing on keywords you have to write the best content people can find online!

Did you ever hear the term “Content mix” before? I heard it a lot but no-one goes in depth on this subject. So here is an exact guideline how much content your blog should at least have before google will rank you:

  • 15 posts with a minimum of 500 words. View Example
  • 10 posts that have around 1200 words. View Example
  • and 5 heavyweight posts of 2000 words or more (like this page).

It’s ok to have more but less than this and you will most likely not rank in the SERPs.

Long content works for SEO because of 2 main reasons:

  1. People will stick around longer on your page and that is a good sign for google bot.
  2. You rank for more search terms because you use a lot of unique keywords.

Use the right layout structure

Take this post as an example template of your blog layout. I believe that this is the best way to create perfect SEO blog content.

You should use the H1 tag only once on your page. The H2 tag is to introduce subjects within the topic you will write about. Finally, the h3 is only used to go into more detail.

Going lower than H3 is in general, not the best idea. And most posts should just have H1, H2 and H3 tags. Keep things clean and clear for your visitors.

Here is an example of how heading tags would work in a real-world example:

  • H1 – Planet earth
  • H2 – Europe (continent)
  • H3 – Holland (country)
  • H4 – South Holland (province/state)
  • H5 – Rotterdam (city)

Use your own images

The main role of images in your content is to keep a clear overview of your content. Use images wisely every now and then within your text. Just don’t put too much visual content on your page.

Tip: If you need some fresh content ideas watch this!

Make your content unique

If you want more traffic to your blog you have to make sure your content is unique and pleasant to read. Not only text on your blog matters, but images are also a key part of high-quality content.

Write all your content yourself and if you can make stunning photo’s, use them too!

This is important because people will stick around and most likely want to read all of it. When you can keep people on your blog it is a sign for Google they should rank you.

Note: Dwell time is one of the most important ranking factors for Google

Design of your blog

Enough about content… I believe that the UI / Ux design nowadays is the key to generate a lot of traffic to your blog! Not only does it help people find what they are looking for on your site, but it will also increase your ranking in search engines.

Google has a fairly new ranking tool called Google bot. This tool lets them see exactly how people interact with your website. If people click a link, leave a comment or visit another post on your blog, that’s generally a good sign.

Make your blog look clean and simple to navigate. The design really speaks to people so absolutely don’t cut back on User interface and User experience!

A good way to get an amazing custom blog is by using Elementor. It’s much better to create your own design instead of using a template.

Make sure you have a good page speed

One thing that is really imported for SEO is your blog’s page speed. There are a lot of ways to improve your loading time and here is a list of ways you should go over them:

Run speed tests on your website

This is the first thing to do to get an idea of your current page speed. There are 3 popular free websites you can use to determine your performance:

  1. Google page speed

Now that you know where you are working with let’s improve your numbers!

Note: Aim for a 90% score or higher on GTmetrix

Caching files on your blog

To really improve your page speed you should install a caching plugin on your blog. These plugins safe the files from your site to the user’s local machine (also known as cookies).

When a visitor goes to a new page on your blog they will already have files like your logo or backgrounds stored and ready to use.

What most caching plugins also do is they minify you’re: CSS, JS and HTML files. This makes the files smaller in size and sends them faster to your website visitors.

Compress large image files

Simple to fix and a huge impact on your SEO score! You can use an amazing WordPress plugin called Imagify to make this process a breeze.

These are the GTmetrix scores for my blog

Use social media to get traffic

Social media is obviously a big player in today’s online traffic. If your blog is not getting traffic from social media yet, you are doing it wrong.

In opposite of SEO, this is also the fastest way to get traffic to your blog. Social media is great for short high volume traffic to your website.

In the chapters below I will go over different social media channels and how to use them to get traffic like crazy.


Instagram is a great tool to get high volume traffic to your blog very easy.

Create an Instagram account and make a unique way of getting people’s attention. An example you can find on my Instagram, where I switch between posts and quotes one for one.

Example of my instagram layout.

This creates a unique look and people are more likely to follow you. Simple but effective.

After creating an interesting Instagram feed it’s time to get some followers. One way is to follow people and like their post. People will see who followed them and if they like your page return the favor.

There is a way that you can automate this process though and it’s with the use of a follow bot. Popular tools like Jarvee circulate the online world and are helpful tools to increase your reach.


without a doubt the most famous social network at this time, Facebook. A lot has changed since the beginning of Facebook. Traffic from Facebook to your blog is now easier than ever.

People spend a lot of time reading on facebook what other people think. Exactly there is where the huge potential is of facebook marketing. If you can give people answers to their questions other people will use it too!

An example of a great way to get traffic to your blog from facebook would be the following:

Someone in a page about Dogs asks what the best way is to keep their dogs’ teeth clean.

Since you wrote an article on dog teeth you can give them the answer to that question. You post a link to your website saying: “Hey I wrote about this on my blog!”.

Not just the person originally posting the question will see your answer but many other followers will see your link too!


Youtube is maybe the best way to get evergreen traffic to your blog! Once your videos are in the top results of youtube it will most likely stay there for a while.

Getting in the top of youtube is not that hard if you know what you are doing. Just like Google, youtube loves high-quality content. Create a video that is really informative about your subject and you will rank fast.

Use your blog as a reference in your video and tell people to visit your site for more information about the subject.

TIP: Social buttons

Make traffic to your blog without doing anything! Add some social buttons to your post content and try to get people to share it ( share this post please hehe 🙃).

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