Digital Nomad lifestyle

This is the Digital Nomad lifestyle

What is the Digital Nomad lifestyle? It’s a question I get asked a lot. Being financially free and earning money online is very popular these days. That’s why I decided to make this article about how the life of a full-time Digital Nomad actually looks like!

Working as Digital Nomad

Sometimes people think that being a Digital Nomad is all fun. Although this is in some way true it does not mean you are completely free. Being independent of work and a boss means you have to work extra hard to earn money online.

The amount of work is the reason that the Digital Nomad lifestyle is not for everyone. However, everyone who wants to earn money online definitely can!

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Traveling as Digital Nomad

The biggest advantage of being a Digital Nomad is being able to travel and work at the same time. If backpacking to South America has always been your dream, but you can’t because of your job than having an online income helps a lot!

For me, the biggest motivator to become Digital Nomad was the travel part. Since 3 years I have been traveling the world working on my laptop.

This does not mean that I’m traveling every day, not at all. Most of the times I stay in one place for a while. This is because you cant work if you have to take busses every day.

Budget travel is a reality

Yep, the Digital Nomad lifestyle is not always golden. The truth is that setting up an online business takes time and a lot of effort.

Because it sometimes takes a lot of time before you can see financial success, it’s possible you have to wait for a while. This means that if you really want to travel you have to live cheap every now and then.

What I always like to do is settle down in a location where there is cheap accommodation. This way you can sleep cheap and save on your travel budget.

Recently I visited Cuba here is how much I spend 1 month in Cuba

A lot of happy moments

When you work as a Digital Nomad it can be really fun. It’s an extreme lifestyle but for sure a happy one. When you are traveling you meet a lot of people and make new friends.

If you have some experience with this way of life you can get pretty good at earning an online income. Some people that have this lifestyle earn really a lot of money online!

Money is just one thing but maybe the most beautiful aspect of this lifestyle is the freedom that comes with it (my favorite part for sure).

Fears of a Digital Nomad

Living the dream comes with fears, that’s also the case with the Digital Nomad lifestyle.

The online world is always changing and a lot of people fear it’s too late to start an online income. Being afraid if your business still stands after a Google update is a real fear.

However, I believe the internet will still be around in this form for a while so those fears are no reason not to start. A safe way to generate an online income source is a blog.

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