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Ways to earn money when you are traveling

Wouldn’t it be the best thing to travel the world as a free person, not having to worry about money or a full-time job? That is the life of a Digital Nomad, backpacking the world and earning money online on your computer wherever you are!

For me, this dream became a reality and I now earn a stable online income while I’m exploring the world. In this post, I will tell you about the different ways you can achieve online success and do the same.

Why everyone should earn money online

Earning money online is a way of freedom that many people dream of. But I’m confident saying that everyone nowadays is able to earn a decent online income.

The internet is HUGE and every day more and more people start using it. This is a market where it’s not an unrealistic goal to reach thousands of people per day.

I have to be honest with you though, there is a lot of competition on the web too… This makes it not easy to get a spot in the top, but with the right steps also definitely not impossible!

Note: I have a guide that will help you step by step to create an online income. The name is Digital Nomad 101

Fast ways to earn money online

I think there are two ways to earn money online, fast and long term income. Fast is just if you want to make a quick buck online and safe for your long term project investments. Fast online money is most of the times not really stable and in the end, your goal should be to setup passive long term online income streams.

1. PPD / CPA

Proof of PPD earnings
This is my earnings from 1-year autopilot to proof that PPD works

This method has helped me a lot in the past to fund my travel adventures. PPD stands for Paid per download and CPA stands for Cash per activation. They come down to the same thing: get traffic to a product people want, and get paid for every download or activation. You earn money for every download because people will have to take action first like fill in a survey or register on a website.

A popular technique for PPD and CPA is to make Viral content. Something a lot of people want and a subject people want to share. This is why networks like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram work really good for this technique. These social networks let you reach a lot of people fast!

Setup a PPD account

Register an account on this is where you will be able to “lock” your download with a survey. If you give people this link they will not be able to download your content before filling in the form. Sharecash will also be the platform that will pay you for all the downloads you received.

Find the right Niche

Example of a profitable niche
This is how a profitable niche should look like in google trends

When you have a PPD account you will need to find a group of people that want to download your product. Think about what you recently searched yourself or something that got your interest while scrolling through your Facebook feed. Actually, a good way to come up with a niche is to look in your own browser history and see what you searched for.

Another great way to come up with a niche is Answer the public it’s a website that looks for google keyword suggestions. For example, if you type in “Travel” you will find what people searched related to that topic.

Another way to find great niches with a lot of viral opportunities is to use Google Trends. With this website, you can find things that are trending according to Google and as we all know, Google knows everything.

If you find a niche you like you can run it through one of these keyword tools to see if there is much competition. (For PPD this is not really necessary as we will promote your product through social media).

  • Semrush
  • Mangools KWfinder
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest

Start your PPD campaign

Oke, now you have the niche and the download link, it’s time to get traffic. It’s really helpful if you know how to create beautiful, selling content. If not you should pay extra attention to this part.


Promote your site with facebook ads
Promote your site with facebook ads

A great way to promote your download is through a Facebook page. Make a page that has this “viral vibe” around it. Take a look at the LAD bible or any other news page as an example. You want to do the same thing as what they are doing. Make some posts and share them with your friends.

Also, use popular Facebook pages to promote your content, there are a lot of them that let you post on their feed and they will have lots of people following them. Search for pages related to your niche and your page will have a lot of likes in no-time.

When your page has some likes start posting links to your download every now and then. If people download your content you know you have a profitable page. If not, spread your chances and create another niche page.


Next up we have my favorite way of promoting your download link: Youtube! Youtube is perfect to get A LOT of traffic to your link. Make a video of you showing some software or computer tool (or something completely different) and link this product to your PPD page.

Ranking your youtube video’s is pretty easy. You need to get some views, there are some free ways to get views and some paid easier ways. Views cost not a lot and I suggest just buying some and experimenting with different sellers.

Note: Youtube is my favorite way to drive traffic to my landing pages!


Instagram is an easy way to promote your links and get a big following fast! A tool you can use to grow your (real) followers is Jarvee. On Instagram, you should never buy followers since they are mostly bots and will not give you any traffic.

As soon as you have a following on Instagram you can start posting some links to your product and you will see people will start to download it! Just remember to not spam your links in the beginning since people first want to build some trust with you. Make the page personal and you will see people will interact with you and build a relation.

Instagram is the easiest way to get lots of traffic for sure!

Create a PPD Landing page

This is an example of a landing page
Great example of a good landing page

Now that you have some downloads and you know people like your niche you can try to get a higher conversion rate. This means a higher percentage of people that click on your link will actually download it.

You can do this by creating a so-called Landing page. This means you make a simple but creative page people will be directed to instead of to your download link. This way people will have more time to get comfortable with you and have more faith in your product.

2. Earn fast money with Instagram

Jarvee is a great tool to earn money with Instagram
Jarvee is a great tool to earn money with Instagram

Another quick way to earn some easy money online is to sell Instagram accounts. There are a lot of people that want to buy Instagram accounts with a big following for various reasons.

If you make an Instagram account in a specific niche it’s really easy to sell them after you got some followers.

Setup an Instagram account with a good name and use Jarvee to get some followers on the account. It’s important you use a specific niche because those will sell the best later.

Setup your Jarvee to follow accounts in your niche and you will get a high quality, targeted audience.

When you collected around 5000 to 10000 followers it’s time to sell. Go to, make an account and offer your account on the marketplace. People pay crazy amounts for high-quality accounts there!

Not only can you make money from Instagram by selling the accounts, but you could also sell sponsored posts and shoutouts.

Note: I will make a post about earning money with Instagram soon!

3. Facebook Advertising

As you could read above in the PPD section Facebook is great for promotion. Paid ads on the platform are very customizable and generate a lot of leads.

Here is how you can earn money with paid Facebook ads:

Part 2 of ways to earn money while you are traveling

Best ways to earn a stable online income

Now that you know how to make a quick buck online it’s time to grow a stable online income. These are projects that require a lot of time to set up and will not pay off in the beginning. However, if you get the hang of these techniques they can be very profitable and give you the opportunity to become a full-time digital nomad.

1. Start any kind of niche site or blog

Blogs are awesome they can earn you a lot of stable online income. The thing I like the most about blogging is that you get to create something beautiful.

Also, it’s fun to write about things you like and even more fun when you can make it your job!

Starting a blog requires time and effort. However, it’s probably a lot easier than you expect.

If you want an in depth tutorial read: In depth guide how to start a blog

Get your hosting ready

The right hosting for your blog
Click here to register on

Go to a site like Bluehost and buy the cheapest hosting plan or whatever fits your budget. I always start small and spend more money as soon as my site is profitable.

When you bought hosting, install WordPress on your host, read how to install WordPress.

Create your niche site / blog

Install a theme you like. For some good examples you can have a look here.

Come up with a niche you like to write about. In my case it was about online income and travel. Think about something unique and try to avoid mainstream writing topics.

After that, it’s time to create some content! This will be the most time consuming but the most rewarding process overall.

Read my post on How to get the best content ideas for your blog

2. High-quality Instagram shop

Example of a famous Instagram shop called Herschelsupply
Example of a famous Instagram shop called Herschelsupply

Instagram is a great marketing tool and like I said earlier a great way to build an audience. If you are able to grow your account to the point where a lot of people follow you, you can start selling your products.

On Instagram, You can either sell affiliate products or start a Shopify online store. The second one requires a lot of work but it is definitely worth it if you are looking to earn money online.

part 3 of ways to earn money while you are traveling

Best ways to make money Offline while traveling

Working abroad without computer and offline

Earning an online income is maybe not for everyone. that’s why I also included a part of earning offline for the non-Digital travelers.

Here is a list of the most popular jobs you can do while you are abroad:

  • Fruit Picking jobs
  • Au pair abroad
  • House Sitting
  • Hostel work
  • Seasonal work
  • Construction work
  • Traffic Worker
  • Ski Teacher
  • Freelance abroad
  • English Teacher
  • Cafe’s or Restaurants

These are just some job ideas, if you want to know more about working abroad:

I made a whole post about this topic: Best travel jobs in the world!

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