Which is the best beach in bali indonesia

There is a huge diversity in the beaches you can find on Bali. Some of are white sand beaches, others have rocks that are formed by lava. Bali is an island most often referred by digital nomads as paradise, but is this the case for everyone? In 2019 I travel to Bali for 3 months and spend all of my time there being a “chill tourist” around the island. Lets talk about some of the favourite beaches i discovered during my travel.

Which Bali beaches have I been so far?

Kuta beach

Kuta is by far the most famous beach spot on the whole island. shallow water and high waves ideal for surfing make it one of the best beaches for a lot of people to visit. There is a strong current and you should always be aware for the red flag. If it is out you should not go in the water. Currents are no joke in bali and you should really treat them with care.

Like I said, if you are looking for a place to surf than Kuta is defenetly the place to be! Along the shore mixed in with various tourist shops, you will find tons of surf rental shops. When time is on your side and you can afford lessons, i would really recommend you to do it here. Bali is one of the greatest places in the world to surf so you really don’t want to miss out on that!

There is however a big downside of this beach: it dirty. During the day it will get very busy with locals and tourists. also the grey sand does not improve it’s looks. If you can look past these things and you spend most of the time in the water anyway, you will like this one.

After the sunset, some street musicians come to play and you can enjoy some snacks on the beach. Kuta as well known as parties, surfers, short love affairs place and one of the cheapest in Bali. If you want quite place, not to see many almost undressed tourists walking around – you shouldn’t choose this place.

Sanur beach

Sanur beach is on the coast next to the village of Sanur, it is located on west side of Bali. On this part of the island you will notice that most parts of the beaches are covered in little shells. It’s also the more “calm” coast, meaning the wave are small and they are great for drifting in the water. You will find a lot of locals there because they clearly prefer the calm sea over the other surf beaches on the island. Overal Sanur is a great place to relax, have some nice food and organise the rest of you journey. If you are there you should look out for the small shops on the beach selling corn on the cob, they are delicious and a healthy snack for your beach session.

Sanur beach is also some what on the cheaper side compared to other beaches on this list.

Seminyak beach

Seminyak beach is a hidden gem according to the balinese people and I would definitely agree with them. just about 10 minutes driving from Kuta you will find these secret Bali beaches. The water is clear, sand is yellow and the shore is way more quiet compared to the other beaches on the island. Here you can find a lot of bars, cafe’s and hostels that are all made to hang out. These places are all great if you are travelling and working abroad and you want a spot to work and enjoy some good coffee.

The area around Seminyak beach is the more “luxurious” side of Bali. You will see that the prices are higher and the accommodations are more exclusive than in other areas.

In Seminyak you will find a lot of street art and just an overal hip environment. This is the place you want to stay if you are looking for peace and quiet and enjoy the occasional beach bonfire party’s with guitars and toms on the beach.

Pandawa beach

Another more beautiful, less heard, hide behind large carved limestone cliffs – Pandawa beach. Often called as “the secret beach”, like officially it was opened only in 2012. Over the last few years, seeing the potential held in the beach’s majestic and pristine beauty, the Badung Regency Administration opened about 1.5 kilometers of access roads. So now it’s fast-gaining popularity among local weekenders and international visitors. If you want to see almost not touched beach – better go here now :D. Here you will be greeted by five statues carved into the cliffs: Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa. These are the Panca Pandawa, five brothers who are characters in the shadow puppet theater, from which the beach takes its name. The sand here is golden yellow and consists of small coral particles, the sea low tide comes after the lunch, so you can enjoy time in the water till that time. It is perfect for children and non-swimmers as well for those who want some privacy.

The water at Pandawa Beach is an exotic combination of blue and green. On clear days with mild winds, it is a great place to swim, or you can hire a sea kayak,  grab a surfboard to catch a wave beyond the reef breaks. Also you can do here paragliding. You will find here only couple simple “warungs” (not fancy ones:)), so better to take some snacks with you. Also it’s not the place to see the sunset, like the cliffs covers it. But if you spend all day in Pandawa beach for sunset you can go to Uluwatu temple, which is quite near and finish the day with seeing the famous “kecak” dance (as well called “monkey dance”) there :).

Important: There are no coast guards on duty in this area, so be careful when you are swimming or canoeing as the condition of the sea can be unpredictable

Nusa Lembongan beach

Lembongan is a small and very pretty island, only 7 km away from the main island of Bali. It is well known for its tranquil sandy bays, which offer a great opportunity for a romantic getaway. It is dry and rocky, and there are no rice fields. Only cacti, snakes, and lizards are enjoying themselves here. The sand here is golden yellow and consists of small coral particles. The beach is covered with thousands of small shells and snails that you can collect. Ocean current is very weak here therefore only tiny waves show on the surface. It is perfect for children and non-swimmers. Even if recently here comes more people, still it’s not overcrowded.

If you come to this island you should stay here at least couple of days and explore more of this island, like the island not so big but have some interesting places to see. While you are here you can visit and another island, Nusa Ceningan, that you can reach through the hanging bridge. This island is on the southern side of the Lembongan. Nusa Ceningan is a small island only 4 km long and 2.5 km wide.

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