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Best jobs if you like to travel

Are you looking for the best jobs if you like to travel? You are probably not alone. I get this question a lot.

It is not easy to choose a career that lets you travel the world and live the dream.

I will give you some ideas for jobs that you can do when you enjoy travelling. And who knows we see each-other someday on the road!

How to find a travel job

Travel and work at the same time are actually quite easy to do. Finding a job overseas might look hard at first but it actually is not a big deal.

The best way to find a travel job is to start looking well in advance. Almost all countries require a working Visa and that takes time to receive.

When you are looking for a job abroad keep in mind some countries are better to work in than others. Of course, it’s also a matter of interest, but at least you want to get paid well right?

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Where to find a travel job

Not sure where to go for a travel job? Here is a list of the best countries to look for work:


I think the most popular and easiest place to find work might be in Australia. There are a lot of backpackers every year that leave their home to work on a farm in this beautiful country.

Getting a work holiday visa in Australia is not difficult and most people receive one quick.

The minimum loan in Australia is crazy high, and long term accommodation does actually not cost much here.

Another great thing about working in Australia is demand and supply. If you go to the Melbourne / Sydney area there is a lot of farm or sales jobs available!

Because of all the above, I think Australia is number 1 in the world for travel jobs abroad.

New Zealand

Although maybe not as popular as its neighbour for travel jobs, New Zealand is still an amazing country to find work in!

Like in Australia the Visa for New Zealand is pretty easy to apply for and get.

New Zealand is popular for its harvesting jobs and farm work. Of course the most popular being kiwi picking.

The best months to find a travel job in New Zealand are April, May, June, July, and August.


The country that is famous for hockey and maple syrup. But Canada is also a country for some of the best travel jobs in the world!

Canada has a lot of outdoor job opportunities like farm work, tree planting, and jobs in the tourist sector.

However, 1 thing you should know about travel jobs in Canada is that the visa is pretty difficult to obtain. Canada has a lottery system for who they give a working visa.

To get a working Visa in Canada you need to register on their site, take part in the lottery, and wait till you get selected.

Normally this process will take about a year. That is something you should keep in mind when applying for jobs in Canada.

When I was working in Canada I hung Christmas lights, the best travel job I ever had!


Japan is maybe not the first country that comes to mind when thinking about working overseas. But it is actually a great place to find some of the best travel jobs!

Skiing is a big thing in Japan so there are a lot of seasonal travel jobs to find in this sport. If you have a license that lets you teach skiing, that’s great! If not there are is still a lot of different work to be done around the ski pistes.

Another great way to earn some money while you are traveling in Japan is teaching English. A lot of Japanese would like to learn the language and that’s your chance to earn some extra money for your trip.

You have to be ready for adventure if you go here though!

Best careers where you can travel

There are a lot of types of work you can do abroad but these are some of the most popular ones:

  • Fruit picking jobs
  • Work on a farm
  • Language teacher
  • Work in cafe’s or bars
  • Working in hostels
  • Tree planting
  • Ski instructor

Of course, this does not mean that you have to work as one of these. Often the better way to find a job abroad is to work in the sector you studied for.

Also, these jobs are very popular making them harder to get. Instead, look for local jobs like car washer or deliver the mail.

Best way to apply for a job

Finding a job on the spot can be hard, that’s why it’s better to first get a job and then fly to the country. If this is not your case, it is definitely not too late!

A good way to find travel jobs is by looking on Facebook. There are a lot of pages specially created for backpacker jobs. Just do a quick search and you will find plenty!

If Facebook does not work for you another way is to look on online job boards. In Australia and New Zealand, you have and in Canada, they use craigslist.

Of course, the good old way of just going somewhere and asking if they have open job positions still works best.

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