Laptop for traveling

Should you bring a laptop when traveling

When you go travel you always find yourself asking: should I bring my laptop when traveling or should I just leave it at home this time? It’s hard to figure out whether the risk is worth it or not.

In this post, I will tell you what made me decide to bring my laptop most of the times when I go on a trip. I will also give some tips to protect your computer while you are busy hiking or backpacking.

Laptop for traveling

Store files on your laptop.

A reason to bring your laptop on holidays is for the pictures. To be able to edit your pictures on the move is great, without a laptop you will have a hard time storing your photo’s.


Make sure you make a backup before you leave in case something happens. Also, clear your hard drive so you will always have enough space to store photos or videos. It’s also a good idea to bring a hard drive with you when you go abroad.

Things you might consider when bringing a computer.

Most of the time a laptop is an expensive work tool. You will have more risk of getting damage or losing it when you are traveling. Although it really depends on the place where you are going most of the times it will be fine.


Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of a laptop. They can get pretty heavy depending on the one you have. It is also not just the laptop you are bringing, you have to keep the charger in mind as well.

Tips to protect your laptop.

The last thing you want to happen is that you lose your computer. Try to always take it with you so you don’t risk losing it. When flying you should put your laptop in carry-on and not in your checked in luggage. By doing this you can always keep an eye on it and you are sure it will not get stolen or damaged.

Travel to poor countries

If you are traveling in a poor country don’t leave your laptop in public storage spaces. Even on train or bus stations! Even in those places, there is always a risk of it getting stolen.

It is also not a good idea to walk around showing your laptop in public. This increases the chance of unwanted situations. If you are visiting a poor country, and sleep in hotels, try to not leave your laptop in your room. I heard stories about the cleaning service stealing stuff and never seeing it back.

Prevent damage

Buy a hard case for your laptop. Having a soft case maybe helps prevent scratches but it does not work against pressure. Also never put it under heavy luggage in trains or busses.

Western countries

When you are in a western country it can be a good idea to store your laptop if you will not be needing it. For example, if you go for a hike some days in Europe, store your laptop in a public locker. They can be found on train stations or in city centers. In western countries, it is a lot safer and your laptop will be safe. If you decide to store it, just make sure you bring enough memory for your camera so you will be able to take enough pictures.

Best travel laptop

Personally, I use a MacBook Pro 13″ it is the late 2015 model and I’m really happy with it. The reason I went for this laptop is that I like the operating system a lot. Just look for the laptop that suits your needs.

screen size

13″ is a good size for a travel laptop, 15″ is just one size too big and weighs significantly more. It’s a matter of personal┬ápreference and eventually, you can get used to any screen size. If you do a lot of foto or video editing a 13″ will work just fine.


Should you bring a laptop? Yes! It is really much better to have a computer with you than a phone. It’s just so much more comfortable to watch a movie or plan a route for the next day in your hotel room. If you are into photography I think it is essential for every tip.

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