Digital nomad city Chang Mai in Thailand

The best digital nomad cities

Are you looking for the best cities for digital nomads? Well, there are a lot to choose from…

Perhaps you are going abroad for a year and you are looking for a nice place to get some work done?

For me, the best place to earn money online is one where you can live cheap, the food is great and you meet a lot of like minded digital nomads!

Here is a list of the 6 cities that I believe are the best for digital nomads:

1. Chang Mai – Thailand, Asia

Chang Mai, the number one place for Digital Nomads
Chang Mai – Thailand

Asia is very popular for Digital Nomads. This is because it’s really cheap to live here and the circumstances are very nice!

Chang Mai in Thailand is the number 1 city for people that want to start a Digital Nomad career. It’s a calm small city with a lot of cute cafes and bustling bars and restaurants.

Most cafes in Chang Mai equipped with great Wifi and chill seats specially designed for Digital Nomads.

Note: You can rent a scooter in Chang Mai for about 2 euros per day. In Asia, scooters are a great way to get around and Thailand is definitely no exception!

Where to stay in Chang Mai – Thailand

Sleeping in Chang Mai is cheap and one night will cost you about $10 USD in a very good homestay/hotel. Often a very good breakfast is also included in the price!

If you have a bigger budget than that you can also stay in some of the more luxurious hotels that this city has to offer.

When I was visiting Chang Mai I spend my night in Bedtime story hostel

Where to eat in Chang Mai – Thailand

There are a lot of nice dining places in Chang Mai with delicious cheap food. But if you really want to have a taste of the Thai cuisine head over to one of the markets in the centre!

Just one tip: If you order something medium spicy it will be really spicy and you will have a though time eating it.

2. Cusco – Peru, South America

Machu Picchu close to Cusco – Peru

Another great place for Digital nomads to spend their time doing what they like. Cusco is located in the middle of Peru and famous as the starting point to Machu Picchu.

Cusco is one of the best places for digital nomads because of its reputation for cheap food and accommodation. For one night in a hostel you pay around $4.00 USD and a good meal here will cost you $2.00 USD.

This city is nice to spend some time and every Digital nomad will have a great time here!

The best Places to stay in Cusco – Peru

It really depends how much you spend in Cusco on sleeping. There are a lot of budget accommodations available in the outer parts of the city as well as very expensive chique Hotels in the center.

For one night of sleep in a shared dorm room out of the center, I paid around $3 USD. The place was called Casona Familiar Mundo Viajero

Best places for Eating in Cusco – Peru

Also for food there is a big difference in price depending on the place where you eat. In Cusco you will find a lot of restaurants and there is plenty of choice for everyone!

A place where the food is really good is called “the San Blas market”. Here you will find a menu for around $1.50 and it’s really good! The best place is definitely the Falafel stand.

3. Mexico City – Mexico, central America

The first big city on this list of best places for Digital Nomads. And although I don’t like big cities that much, and have not been to Mexico yet, I heard from a lot of working travelers That Mexico city is a great place to work.

Mexico city the world capital of tacos and Coca Cola. It has everything that big cities in Europe have to offer but then for half of the price.

Important note: The best Tacos in Mexico are just $1 USD!

4. Manali / new Delhi – India, Asia

The city centre of Manali – India

Manali is a small place located close to New Delhi in India. I fell in love with this peaceful place when I was there in 2017.

This town has all you need to spend the most peaceful time of your life while earning an online income.

Nature here is beautiful and on your days of you can enjoy a great hike in the beautiful scenery of north India.

Where to stay in Manali

I never slept cheaper anywhere in the world than in Manali. For a night in a very decent 2 person private room, with breakfast, you pay around $3.00 USD.

The guy from the hostel was really friendly and if you happen to visit this place I can really vouch for his accommodation. It’s called:

5. Bali – Indonesia, Asia

The country side of Bali – Indonesia

Another Asian country on this list, or in this case Island. Every year millions of tourists from all over the world visit this place located in the island group of Indonesia.

Bali is the perfect place for Digital nomads because of its facilities and cheap prices.

There are hundreds if not thousands of western cafes in Bali. Working here as a digital nomad is like working in paradise and I’m sure you will fall in love with the Indonesian coffee!

6. New York City – US, North America

The famous skyline of NYC

America, the land of opportunities, and a great place for Digital Nomads and travelers.

Although maybe not the cheapest place to live in NYC is a great city to visit. With a lot of places to sit settle down and work on your online projects this city for sure belongs in this list.

A good way to stay in New York for cheap is to rent an apartment in the outer parts of this city.

Reading tip: earn money while you are traveling, to start an online career!

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