Cuba budget guide

My travel budget for 1 month in Cuba

A lot of people (including myself) ask themselves if Cuba is an expensive country to travel and live in. Unlike other countries in this area of South America, Cuba can be an expensive country every now and then.

However, if you are a traveler on a budget, Cuba is still a great place to live in for a while. Here are some insides and tips to save money while you travel around this amazing cultural country.

What does food in Cuba cost

Without a doubt the food in Cuba is Amazing! Since Cuba is an island the fish comes right from the sea on to your plate. Eating out in Cuba however, can be a bit of an expense. Here are some price indications of different food places here.

$$$ Luxury restaurant – $30 USD and up

Great for a romantic dinner with your fiancé on the beach once per month or if you are a real fine-taster.

$$ Local restaurant – between $8 and $20 USD

For the more average travelers and for local food lovers. When you are in the capital of this country make sure to visit Somos Cuba restaurant!

$ Local Street food – around $5 – $10 USD

Cuba has a lot of cheap delicious street food! Great to combine every now and then if you do your own shopping or if you are just too lazy to cook.

$ Cook yourself – around $5 USD

Always the cheapest option is to cook yourself in hostels. Most hostels in Cuba have a kitchen and they are well equipped too.

How much is accommodation in Cuba

Accomodation in Havana

Sleeping in Cuba can be a bit more expensive than other South American countries I have been to. However, if you stay in hostels the costs are pretty ok.

For one night at a decent hostel’s mixed dorm in Havana, I paid between $5 – $10 USD per night. It’s definitely the cheapest option but also the least private one.

A great way to sleep very well and relatively cheap in Cuba are private home-stays. They are quite places that offer private rooms for a decent price. One night in Havana will cost you between $15 and $25 USD.

Of course, if your budget allows it and you want the most luxury for your money, then hotels in Cuba are your best bet. The price for a high-quality hotel in Havana starts at $60 USD. ( Lucky you if you can afford it 🙂 )

The absolute best place I slept in Cuba was Hostal Jovellar in Havana!

Transportation around the country

Transportation around Cuba is well organized and not that expensive. There are some different comfort levels between the options though. Here is a list of different ways to travel around Cuba.

Original taxi in Cuba
This is one of the Iconic taxis in Cuba

Colectivos / Shared taxis

This is the cheapest way to travel around the cities in Cuba. And to give you my honest opinion it’s fine to get from point A to B.

The most common price for a Colectivo is around 10 CUB which is around $0.50 USD for one ride.

Private taxis in Cuba

Definitely, a more comfortable but more expensive way of transport in Cuba is a private taxi. There are some different kinds of taxis available in here and here is a list with all of them:

$ Coco local Taxi

Yellow taxis are for tourists, black and yellow for the Locals. For a short trip in Havana, you will be paying $5 USD on average.

$ Cuba government Taxi

These are the taxis that are run by the government. They have a meter for the price and you should always insist they use the meter.

$$ Grancar iconic transport

This is the iconic image of a taxi people have from Cuba. They are fun to travel around in but can be a bit on the expensive side. A ride in one of these will cost you around $30 – 50 CUC per hour.

Flights too and from Cuba

Since Cuba is one of the most touristic places in South America flights too and from here are pretty affordable.

For my flight from Peru to Cuba, I paid $140 USD just before the high season. If you fly from Europe to Cuba a return flight will cost you about $550 USD.

To find the best prices for your flight I always use Skyscanner

Bonus: Spanish lessons in Cuba

Yes, Cuba is a great place to study Spanish! So if you are interested in learning the local language here be sure to take your chance.

Check here my guide about Spanish lessons in South America

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